1. Are all the locations listed on 41EIGHTYSEVEN’s database cleared?

Yes and no. We’ve done all the advance work, but we still need to confirm dates of availability, and work out other details with the property owner before we can officially clear the location. So, we require that you email us a written clearing request so we have all the necessary project details.

2. What if the property owner alters the location?

We do our best to keep in constant contact with property owners and to keep the database current. However, we cannot be responsible for any changes made by a property owner to a location, or for your misinterpretation as to the size and/or appearance of the property. We always suggest that somebody from the production team scout the location before you book.

3. Who provides the Location Agreement?

We provide the Location Agreement, which must be signed prior to the shoot.

4. Who secures the necessary permits?

Our scouting report identifies what permits are needed, but you are solely responsible for acquiring all necessary permits, and all related fees. 41EIGHTYSEVEN can handle that for you, for an additional fee.

5. Are the use of utilities included with the Location Fee?

Typically, no. The property owners determine whether or not they are included. We include this information on our Scouting Report for every property.

6. What other responsibilities do I have during the shoot?

Apart from treating the property and the property owner with respect, the only other thing we ask is that a representative from the project do a walk-through of the location with the property owner prior to the shoot. Any pre-existing damage will be documented before shooting starts. At the end of the shoot, you’ll conduct a final walk-through to identify and document any new damage.

7. What other kinds of rules and restrictions do you have if I shoot at one of your locations?

Nothing unusual, and most of the rules are probably routine for you and your crew:

  • The property owner must give permission before moving furniture
  • No smoking
  • No use of utilities (electric, water, phone, internet) without permission
  • No use of property owner's supplies (trash bags, utensils, coffee, etc.)
  • You are responsible for clean-up and trash removal. You will be charged a clean-up fee if you do not return the property to its original state