1. How do I submit my property?

Use the form to tell us about yourself and the address of the property. Then, use the boxes to describe the General Location and Property Type. Last, upload pictures of the property, then click "Submit".
Remember, "property" doesn't refer only to homes. Property also includes (among other things) factories, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, boats, cars, and airplanes.

2. Will 41EIGHTYSEVEN list all submitted properties?

No. All submissions are subject to approval before being listed. Owners will be notified via email if their property is chosen.

3. How much can I charge to rent out my property to a production company?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. What you can charge depends on a lot of things including the type of property, its uniqueness, and the demand. We’ll be more than happy to work with you to determine an appropriate fee.

4. How much does 41EIGHTYSEVEN charge to list my property on the database, or have it featured in a film?

Nothing. There’s absolutely no charge to the property owner.

5. I live in a multi-unit condo. Can I submit my property?

Before you send us anything, check your condo association’s bylaws to see if it’s allowed. You may need to bring it up at your next condo meeting and get the permission from your association.

6. I rent an apartment. Can I submit my property?

No. Unfortunately, as a renter, you don’t actually own the property. We need the permission of the actual owner to post pictures on the website.

7. You’ve listed my property, now what?

Now we wait. If there’s a professional looking for a property just like yours, they’ll be able to find it easily on our database. 41EIGHTYSEVEN’s database is pretty unique to Chicago, and we’ve taken great time and effort to make sure that our database is intuitive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective.

8. I recently repainted / redecorated my property, and now it looks different from the photos I submitted. What should I do?

Professionals using our site assume that the photos are current, so tell us right away and send us updated photos of your property as soon as possible.

9. How will I know if a filmmaker is interested in my property?

We’ll contact you immediately to let you know. We’ll tell you all the details about the project (like what kind of project it is, the requested dates, etc.) so you can decide whether or not you want to go forward.

10. I'm interested! What happens next?

Typically, once your property makes a client’s “short list”, we’ll schedule a time for the client to view (scout) your property in person. Exactly who comes to see your location depends on the type and size of the project, but scouting usually involves the director and producer.

11. Do I receive a fee for scouting?

No. Scouting is part of the client’s selection process. Clients often scout several locations per day, so keep in mind that a scouting visit is no guarantee that your property will be selected.

12. My property’s been selected, what now?

Relax, we’ll handle the details. We’ll talk with you to finalize your fee, identify any of your special needs or requests, specify the dates and times, then put it all into a contract (called a Location Agreement) that will be signed by the client.

13. Great. When do I get paid?

No later than a week before the shoot, 41EIGHTYSEVEN will receive the location fee from the client. We’ll forward you the check as soon as humanly possible.

14. I just agreed to let a bunch of strangers loaded with equipment into my home. What if something happens to my property?

Don’t worry. 41EIGHTYSEVEN requires ALL clients to carry production insurance from a reputable carrier. All clients provide a Certificate of Insurance that names both you and 41EIGHTYSEVEN as additional insured parties. Without a Certificate, we won’t allow the client on your property.
In addition, professional film crews are very careful with your property, and always take steps to avoid damage wherever possible. This includes covering walls and floors with protective boards and/or plastic. Afterwards, it’s the client’s duty to retutrn your property to its original condition after they’re done.
In the rare event that the film crew damages your property, don’t attempt to fix it. Take a picture of the damage, notify us, and we’ll get the client's insurance to fix and/or replace it.

15. Do I have any other responsibilities before or during the shoot?

It depends on what kind of project is shooting on your property. With every project, before shooting begins, you and client will conduct a walkthrough of your property, documenting any preexisting damage. After the project is over, you’ll conduct another walkthrough to document any new damage.
Print shoots (also known as photo shoots) are typically small and usually involve a crew of around 6 people. Print shoots are short, normally lasting around 8-10 hours for one day.
A film or commercial shoot is much more complex. Depending on the size of the project, a film shoot can last for days (sometimes longer) and can involve a crew of around 30 or more people. Film shoots also require a lot of equipment, like lights, sound gear, and camera equipment. Setting up all that equipment takes a lot of work and prep time, so expect a film or commercial shoot to last up to 12+ hours per day. Some larger productions may have support vehicles that will need to be parked outside your property.
With any project, however, you should expect the crew to be courteous and professional, and should take the time to address your questions or concerns.

16. What can I expect come the day of the shoot?

Not really. Just make sure that you’ll be available to conduct the walkthrough with the client both before the shoot begins and after the last shoot day.

17. This seems pretty overwhelming. Can 41EIGHTYSEVEN help?

Of course we can. With long or complex projects, consider hiring 41EIGHTYSEVEN to manage your location during the shoot. We'll be there to look out for your interests, protect your property, make sure everything goes smoothly, and help ensure that you have a great experience.